Cancer patients are subjected to a barrage of modern clinical treatments — 

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surgical procedure, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment, and so forth. How powerful are the ones? Like in on line on line casino playing — many clients tried their actual fortune and some win however many more out of place. At the stop of the day, the winner is the Establishment! Don’t get me wrong. The “commercial enterprise commercial enterprise company” of curing most cancers does produce winners. Some current-day techniques of remedy are very beneficial and life-saving. But greater often some remedies are truly outright risky, if we care to look or apprehend what had in truth happened.

A assessment of scientific literature seems to indicate that CHEMOTHERAPY — using cytotoxic capsules for killing maximum cancers cells inside the frame, appears to many authors are “barbaric”, whilst others feel that they may be no longer effective the least bit.

The well-known mag in Germany, Der Spiegel of 4 October 2004, had a bit of writing entitled: “Giftkur ohne Nutzen” translated as “The Useless Poisonous Cures.” The article stated that “more and more extremely-current and steeply-priced cellular poisons are being given to significantly sick patients … Sufferers do now not truly live an afternoon longer.”

Wolfgang Wrasidlo, director of drug development, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California end up quoted to have stated: “Everybody knows that our present most cancers pills are awful.”

Barry Sears, creator of Enter the Zone wrote: “The present remedies for optimum cancers are in all likelihood the most barbaric in current-day medication.”

Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, medical director of the Meyerstein Institute of Oncology, UK, (inside the e-book: Cancer) stated: “It is … Surprising how frequently the rule of thumb of thumb of thumb of: first do no harm is ignored”. Sometimes oncologists use chemotherapy indiscriminately with “no justification apart from the health practitioner’s desire to do some detail.” Such remark is indeed traumatic. Does it imply that inside the past or perhaps now, chemotherapy has been used on patients indiscriminately?

Dr. Urich Abel, an eminent German professor on the University of Heidelberg concluded that:

(in Der Spiegel 33:174-176. 1990): “For most of modern commonplace strong maximum cancers, people who motive 90% of the most cancers deaths every three hundred and sixty 5 days — breast, lung, colon, rectum, pores and pores and pores and skin, liver, pancreatic and bladder –chemotherapy has in no way been proved to do any particular in any respect.”

Dr. Ralph Moss, fired from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for telling the fact, has written books and severa articles on chemotherapy – e.G., Questioning Chemotherapy, Cancer Industry, and so on. According to Dr. Moss “chemotherapy normally does not remedy most cancers or extend existence. It does not beautify the terrific of affected man or woman’s lifestyles each. On the opportunity it can “notably lower the extremely good of lifestyles.”

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